Monday, October 22, 2007

How Do I Withdraw From My Paypal Account

Many PayPal account holders have not means to withdraw their Paypal fund until recently Oct 07 PayPal decides that certain countries can withdraw to their Visa credit/debit card (sorry no mastercard)

PayPal Withdrawal Method 1: Withdraw to your Visa debit/credit card
For Malaysia users, it is confirmed that you can withdraw to your Public Visa Electron Debit card

PayPal Withdrawal Method 2: Withdraw to your USA bank account
You can either open a USA bank account online without going to USA with
a). Etrade
c) (only works with US/EU countries)

LATEST: Etrade doesn't give out any debit card anymore.

PayPal Withdrawal Method 3: You can exchange your Paypal for other e-currency like E-gold then to national currency

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