Monday, October 22, 2007

What Is Paypal Fax Number?

This is PayPal fax number +1-402-537-5731


Melinda said...

Thanks so much for the FAX number. Someone at PayPal gave me 402-357-5780 and when I found your entry, the number was 537 instead of 357. THANKS! Melinda Johanson

Anonymous said...

Good information
Thanks Melinda

Paypal claim that they only hold their limited account user monies for 6 months to make sure that all payments are cleared from fraudulant activities.

Frustration with PayPal said...


In the beginning PayPal seemed like a good idea for our corporation. It started out really easy as we placed all our basic company info. Then we begin using the site, we thought this is great! Easy! Then PayPal threw in a week later a nice $500 limit. To get $500 limit released we had to provide PayPal our credit card information in order to continue to use with receipt of our customer payments. At this point, how can you say no? Later, another barrier, they wanted our customers making the payments to submit their information as well. Our customers were outraged and one refused to do so and opted to make the payment outside PayPal . If customer did not submit this info they were not allowed to make their payment on PayPal.
Then about three months later PayPal placed another lock. This time they wanted to run a credit check and asked for the social security number again. Why do this so far into our account? Why not be upfront and tell us all at once everything that is needed? Long story made short, we found another service provider other than PayPal. Our new service provider asks for all required info upfront with no hidden locks shutting down our account midstream. PayPal’s locks hindered our cash flow. With our new provider we have no interruption of processing our customer payments. In addition, our customers are much happier to know they do not have to go through the hassle in setting up a PayPal account in order to pay us through PayPal. And this made no sense as some of our customers were required to set up PayPal accounts and others were not. What customer wants to provide personal info in order to make a customer payment?
Trying to close PayPal is not easy. This week I called PayPal three times to request to close our account. As stated above we found another provider that met our needs. PayPal is stonewalling and will not allow us to close and would not provide me a fax number to fax in our request. They would not send me all the stipulations/reasons in writing either. Our balance is zero and we owe them nothing. All communication with PayPal is one way with me calling them by phone. Nothing is documented. I am very glad to find this fax number on Google. Thank you so much for posting it!
In closing, PayPal will easily let you in. Shortly afterwards, then places various locks on your account so that midstream you have to submit information with constant requests and in the end makes it difficult to close.
May I make a suggestion? Be careful, once you open your account. Bu hey, PayPal may work for you if you do not mind providing constant confidential information such as your social security number, your bank info, your credit card info, a credit check, have a lot of free time on your hands to get the locks released promptly, and process customer payments less then USD $3,999.00.

sowmya said...

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Charlotte said...

i report fraud to paypal and nobody help me !!!!!

Charlotte said...

i send a report to paypal and they are not answer me, i.m also frustated with them

Charlotte said...

i report fraud to paypal and nobody help me !!!!!

UZI9MMAUTO said...

They are ran by JEWS. Once they have their money-even if by Fraud..They DONT care as many seen!